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DIGISANTA (referred to as us or we) is a Registered Charity in Singapore. We operate the website

These are the Terms and Conditions which govern each use you make of the donation items or payments services provided through the Website.
These Terms and Conditions apply separately to each single donation that you make.

By confirming on the Website that you wish to make a donation you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for that donation.


(1) Information from you
Before we can process your donation of reusable items you must register yourself as a donor on the website. We will use your donation materials at our discretion but within our stated charitable objectives and items donated will not be returned under any circumstance.

(2) All items donated should be in good condition and packed neatly and “ready to be shipped” condition.

(3) Donors agree to release and forever discharge and hold harmless DigiSanta, its Ambassadors, volunteers and employees from any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind or nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from their participation and/or attendance at any activity or event publicised on

(4) DigiSanta, its Ambassadors, volunteers and employees will not be held liable for any death, personal injury, illness, or property damage that may result from a donor’s participation and/or attendance at any activity or event publicised on

(5) Donors are encouraged to carry personal liability and health insurance prior to registering as a Donor on


(6) DigiSanta Donors grant DigiSanta Pte Ltd all right, title and interest in any and all photographic images and recordings made by them at the request or direction of DigiSanta at such activity or event, including but not limited to, any royalties, proceeds or other benefits derived from such photographs or recordings.

(7) DigiSanta Donors consent to DigiSanta’s collection, use and disclosure of their names and photographs for the purposes of publicising DigiSanta and its activities.

(8) DigiSanta does not carry or maintain, and expressly disclaims responsibility for providing any health, medical or disability insurance coverage for DigiSanta Donors. DigiSanta Donors are encouraged to carry personal liability and health insurance prior to registration.


(9) Information from you
Before we can onboard you as a sponsor of DigiSanta, you must register yourself as a Sponsor on the website disclosing your full particulars as requested. We will use this information to process your sponsorship. It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided us with the correct and accurate information.

(10) All Sponsor payments made willingly through the Website are to be made by Internet banking or PayNow and is NON-REFUNDABLE and will be used at the discretion of DigiSanta towards helping the underprivileged across the countries we support.When you submit your payment using PayNow please indicate your sponsor details in the reference field to help us reconcile this information accurately. We won’t share your personal details with any other third party other than is set out in our Privacy Policy.

(11) Our Privacy Policy forms part of these Donation Items & Payment Terms and Conditions and by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are also agreeing to the way we use and protect your personal information in line with our Privacy Policy.


(12) Personal Data, as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (No. 26 of 2013), provided on by User shall be subject to the DigiSanta Privacy Policy.

(13) DigiSanta reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to vary the above terms from time to time and all changes will be posted on this page.

(14) Use and/or continued use of DigiSanta or volunteering in DigiSanta activities constitutes agreement by the user to be bound by the terms and conditions, which may change from time to time. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use DigiSanta or volunteer in DigiSanta activities.

(15) We reserve the right to amend these Donation & Sponsor Payment Terms and Conditions at any time.These Donation Payment Terms and Conditions are governed by Singapore law and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

(16) Last Updated: Oct 2020