One’s surplus could be another’s dire need

A step closer to a more socially inclusive and sustainable future

The genesis of the first seamless, borderless, digital donation and advocacy platform

How we work

Our Solution For The Betterment Of Our Planet


Collaboration across borders, connecting communities to solve a global problem

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Connecting donors, sponsors and the needy digitally, enabling seamless donation

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Reuse resources to reduce waste, preventing excessive waste piling in landfills

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About us

A step closer to a more socially inclusive and sustainable future

Our Mission and Vision

Founded in 2019, Digisanta's mission is to implement a new way to build a sustainable ecosystem with responsible consumption, reusing resources and reducing waste. We believe that one's surplus can be another's dire need and thus the genesis of the first seamless, borderless, digital donation platform that allows for the transportation of reusable goods from developed economies to underprivileged communities around the world.

We accomplish this through a three-step, transparent method of request, approval and transportation of various items ranging from clothes to educational material for communities living in poverty abroad.


Some Good Causes

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  • Environment
  • Education
  • Privation
  • Partnership

In good hands now!

Your cool T-Shirts and clothes are in good hands and thoroughly valued

Your giving has brought a smile on the faces of the displaced

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See how your yesterday's

Light a Smile

School bags fondly collected by the SJII DigiSanta volunteers from their donation drive at school were distributed for r

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Your cool clothes are cel

Friday Mood! Look how your cool clothes are celebrated!

Do you have tears of joy? Do you feel you have touched someone? Dont throw away that pair of sneakers or those old cloth

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How you can help

Inculcating a sense of social responsibility amongst members of our community

So hold up! Don't throw that outdated pair of sneakers yet. Sign up as a Digisanta donor and enlist your reusable goods on our portal or sign up as a sponsor and sponsor the logistics of transporting donated goods internationally to benefit the underprivileged. For every item successfully donated the Digisanta community puts a smile on another child's face. Earn loving heart points after each successful donation and transportation.

View your contributions through our success stories created after each transaction. Our goal to create transparency between donors, sponsors and beneficiaries allows you to see how the underprivileged benefit off your kind-hearted contributions. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do much. So, take part, make a change, and most importantly enjoy!

Building sustainable communities

Enabling responsible consumption

Inculcating a passion for services

Digitalisation, the way forward

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Success Stories

Testaments to the Digisanta community's outstanding efforts